w3 Schools Review

Recently, I discovered a site called w3Schools.com. This site offers a varity of tutorials about html and the different tags you use to create your website! Along with telling you about the different tags, it also explains what that code does and what you can put in combination of that tag. I believe that this site is good for people that are just learning html.

w3 Schools.com

Code academy Review

Out of all of the websites that I've reviewed, this may be the worst. You are only allowed to learn one lesson then you have to purchase the "pro" account to continue learning about the unit. I wasn't even able to see what it has to offer because you must have an account to learn the lesson. This site has too many hoops to jump through in order to learn basic html that you could learn from a free website like w3 Schools.com.

Code Academy


This website is very similar to w3 Schools.com because it gives a step-by-step on how to code html. This article explains how to create lists, tables, boxes and other additions for your website. They start off with the basics of course and gets more and more advanced the further you get. This is a good website to learn the more basics of html, not really for the more advanced things even though it includes it.