iGranada-The completely technological school

A program for Granada Hills Charter High School has surfaced as a completely technology-based program called iGranada. All of the courses are online in a program called Buzz. The students don´t have to attend school every day as long as they complete 2 hours of work. Certain days though, they do have to attend as they have something called seminars. Seminars are mandatory classes that are very infulential to students grades that are taught by the adivors, not the online course. You can learn more about iGranada at www.ghchs.com/academic_programs/igranada

An Internship at Microsoft

Are you a high schooler interested in computer science? Well today is your lucky day! Microsoft has just announced that it is having an internship program for high school students that are interested in learning more about computer science and how tech companies, like Microsoft, work. You´ll have a chance to work with current software engineers, understand in-depth about current coding programs used and may be able to see Microsoft´s newest secrets, such as ¨Project Pillow.¨ If you want to apply, go to Microsofts website and download an internship resume on the home page and submit it once you are done. Good luck!

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